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5 helpful insights to Overcome the Victim Mindset

Have you ever caught yourself playing the victim? Questioning, “Why did this happen to me?” Or “What did I do to deserve this?” Maybe you’ve felt like life was unfair or blamed others for your misfortunes. In the past the victim mindset consumed me, I believed life owed me something. When things didn’t go my […]

Healing Through our Ancestors Stories

Our elders were once known as the keeps of wisdom. They were well respected, looked up to and the story weavers of our community. They would pass on their knowledge through the generations. So we could not only learn from them but also understand where we came from. Helping us piece together the fragments of […]

Beyond Meditation, 8 Steps Towards Inner Peace

In the past I put a lot of pressure on myself to meditate the ‘right way’. Attempting to find a state of inner peace, clutching to the hope that if I pushed myself hard enough I would eventually transform into an enlightened ‘guru’. Believing that finally all my troubles would magically disappear. But the problem […]