How to rediscover and trust your intuition

Why is it so important to trust your intuition?

And why have so many of us forgotten how to follow our natural instinctual calling?

Your intuition acts as a guide. Helping you make decisions from a place of instinctual knowing, without conscious reasoning. When you make instinctual choices, you feel a deep sense of knowing, without a doubt that the choice is right.

This is because you are acting from your true nature, living in alignment with yourself. Instead of looking externally for answers or gratification.

What is intuition?

From a scientific point of view, intuition comes from pattern matching. From the moment we are born, our brain is constantly identifying patterns in our environment and matching them with past experiences. These patterns are stored on in our cellular memory. When a situation arises that ‘triggers’ these patterns, our body is aware of how to respond appropriately.

Over time, we forget how to trust our intuition. It’s drowned out through the business of life. We get caught up in analyzing and attempt to control situations in order to get the outcome we want. We forget to tune in and listen to the little voice within us, due to constant chatter of our minds.

Our world is filled with so many distractions, convincing us that the answers are outside of ourselves. We turn to social media, television and other people for answers, instead of trusting the great wisdom that is within.

Gradually your intuition becomes dulled down and you forget how to tune into this deep knowledge for guidance.

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I knew I shouldn’t have done that” or “Why didn’t I listen to myself?” It’s because we choose to ignore the warning signs and end up living with regret. Believing that you should have known better.

As children intuition comes naturally, we don’t question it. We just act on it without a second thought. If it feels good, we do it, if it doesn’t, we don’t. We play, we explore and we are free to be ourselves, we trust ourselves completely.

Over time our instincts fade. We are conditioned to live in a way that seeks outwardly for answers. And we forget about that little voice or feeling within that makes us feel free.

The truth is, your intuition never disappears, it is always there in the background. No matter how quiet its whisper has become.

And it is always possible to learn to trust your intuition again.


How it feels when you forget to trust your intuition

From my personal experience, losing touch with my instinctual self caused many years of pain and suffering in my life. I constantly felt like I was going against myself. Always making decisions based on the needs of others, and sacrificing my happiness to please those around me.

I was trapped in a vicious cycle that ruled my life and made me feel like a ‘phony.’ I completely lost my sense of self, and felt as though purpose and direction were lacking in my life.

Deep down I knew that the choices I was making were not in line with my true self. But I’d been ignoring my instincts for so long, and forgot how to tune into that deeper wisdom that would set me free.

Life can be tough, there are so many influences we deal with on a daily basis. Not just from our friends and family but through social media, television and even our workplace. It often feels impossible to gain a sense of self, and find the courage to listen to that inner voice wanting to guide you on an instinctual level.

When you forget how to trust your intuition, you lose touch with your true essence, your natural way of being and your authenticity. It may even feel like a part of yourself is missing. Or you may experience a deep longing for connection, for something you cannot comprehend on a conscious level.

Losing touch with your intuition feels like a longing to return ‘home’. It feels as if you have lost your way along a windy path without a sense of direction.

Learning to trust your intuition

Intuition comes from a deep memory of past patterns. It is there to notify us of decisions that are right for us. It acts as a guide on an instinctual level. Presenting itself in subtle forms, so it can be easily missed if you are not paying attention.

Since most of us have spent so long doing the opposite of tuning into our intuition, it takes time to strengthen our connection to it. But the more you practice, the clearer the messages will be received. As you realign with your true sense of self one again.


Intuition can come in many forms:

1. Messages

Shhh just Listen…

It sounds simple and obvious, but how often do you actually tune in and listen to your inner voice?

How often do you stop and pause, instead of reacting?

Your intuition is giving you messages all the time. It is quietly asking you to pay attention, but too often you are not hearing its call. The more you practice quieting your mind and tuning in, the clearer the messages will be received.

You may not always understand the meaning behind the messages, but don’t try to analyze the information. Just follow what feels right in your heart. Discover the magic that unfolds when you truly listen, and respond to the call of your intuition.

2. Trust your Gut Feelings

Did you know that your gut is referred to as your second brain? It is connected by neural transmitters which receive messages and signals, triggering intuitive responses. This is where the common phrase “Trust your gut feeling” comes from.

Pay attention to the feelings that arise in your gut when making decisions.

Do you feel a sense of calm or warm and fuzzy feelings? Or do you feel ‘sick’ at the thought of doing something or seeing someone? Tune into the message that you are receiving from your gut.

3. Visions or Memories

For some, intuition may be experienced in the form of visions or memories. This is due to what I discussed previously in terms of pattern matching. Certain people or situations may trigger past patterns, and your intuition may present itself in the form of premonitions.

Often after something has occurred, you might catch yourself thinking, “I knew that was going to happen!”

4. Signs or Knowing

Have you ever had a sense of just knowing? Maybe a person or a situation feels familiar to you?

Or similar patterns/circumstance keep appearing in your life.

This is another way your intuition communicates with you. It may be trying to get your attention, by presenting you with little signs that seem to be interrelated. Your intuition is dropping subtle hints, giving you a push in the right direction. Pay attention to these little signs.

5. Dreams

Your intuition can also appear in dreams. When you dream, your subconscious mind brings stored memories, experiences and other information to the surface. It is not being filtered by your conscious or rational mind. Therefore dreams often feel obscure.

Often our dreams hold important messages, although they may not always make sense at the time. This is because dreams don’t exist in linear time. Dreams present information about our past, present or future.

If you wish to receive more clarity from your dreams, practice setting an intention before bed. Upon waking keep a journal of your dreams. The more you practice paying attention to your dreams, the clearer the messages will become.

Practice brings clarity

The more you practice trusting your intuition, the clearer the messages will be received. Intuition is a powerful and transformative tool towards alignment with your true essence. Allow your intuition to be heard, and begin to reconnect with your true sense of self.

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What have you discovered through learning to trust your intuition? Share in the comments below.

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