How to Enhance Your Life with Intuition and Creativity

Intuition and creativity are the core pillars of a joyful and abundant life. I know this to be true because my life has expanded in ways beyond my imagination. I make choices every single day which are aligned with my intuition, therefore allowing creativity to flourish in all aspects of my life.

You see, intuition is the key to unlocking a relationship with your true authentic self, your soul. The aspects of yourself that already know why you are here and what you came to do. The parts of yourself aligned with source, which hold a deep knowing that you came here to live purposefully. When you begin trusting and acting on your intuitive impulses, the doorway to creative expansion and limitless potential will naturally open up to you.

Curious to learn how you can create more magic in your life? Read on, or listen to the audio version below.

Audio Article: How to Enhance Your Life with Intuition and Creativity. Recorded by Erin Alexis Grace, Photo by Almos Bechtold on Unsplash

Choosing an Intuitive Creative Life

You don’t need to make extravagant lifestyle changes or chase some mythical path that promises everlasting happiness. To shift your daily life from mundane to magic, you simply need to make the choice to turn inwards and show up for yourself every day.

Every single day you have a choice. Will you choose to live out the same old stories, the same old routine? Or will you choose to expand your awareness? Drawing inspiration from the abundant source of potential that already exists within you.

Perhaps some interest has sparked inside of you? Perhaps there is a part of you that already knows this to be true?

This is because your soul already knows your true potential. You just need to get out of your own way, the pathway to this new reality exists within intuition and creativity.

An Insight into How I Discovered This Path

My journey has led me to embodying a life aligned with intuition and creativity, but it wasn’t always that way. For many years my life was ruled by fear, anxiety and limitations. I was completely disconnected from myself and out of alignment with my true dreams and desires.

During my long battle with anxiety and depression, there were moments when deep clarity and insight would drop in, and so I began following the hunches. The more I started turning inwards, reconnecting with the voice of my intuition and acting on its impulses, the more my world began to expand.

The truth is, no matter how hard or painfully difficult life was at times, there was always something within me urging me to continue on the path. There was a deep unwavering knowing that life had more to offer and that I was here for a reason. I had a yearning to explore that and create a better life for myself.

Over time I gained more confidence and clarity through choosing to show up for myself every day. Implementing a daily practice and following the guidance of my intuition and creative expression. The spark of courage was ignited and I felt safe to step into my truth. 

I rediscovered the enormous potential held in my sensitivity and intuition, and embodied my gifts as a creator. Weaving a tapestry of beauty, joy and magic, which has become the underlying essence of my life.

Where it’s lead me.

My life’s work is now dedicated to helping others enhance their life through intuition and creativity. This article gives you some insight into this process.

If you’re someone who is after the ‘quick fix’ approach, you are in the wrong place. My approach is all about doing the real work, the work that is sustainable and brings consistent long-term joy and fulfillment. This is the work that asks you to meet with your true self, shadows and all.

If you make the choice to show up and do the work everyday, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem at the time. Magic will bloom in all aspects of your life.

Here are some sustainable, grounded and self empowering approaches to enhance your life with intuition and creativity.

Photo by Joyce Adams on Unsplash

Ways to Enhance Your Life with Intuition and Creativity

Knowing your Values

Your values are the things that you believe are important in the way you live and work.They (should) determine your priorities, and, deep down, they’re probably the measures you use to tell if your life is turning out the way you want it to.

Here is a simple question that many people struggle to answer. What are your core values in life? Have you ever sat down and really asked yourself these questions:

What do I value in life? 

What is truly important to me?

In my life what is a YES and what is a NO?

Are my life choices aligning with what matters to me?

Many of us go through life unaware of what we truly value. We enter into jobs that make us miserable or relationships that don’t serve us. The underlying factor is that you are choosing to go against yourself, you are ignoring your intuition and turning your back on your truth. This leads to stress, irritation, anxiety and even depression. When someone is living out of alignment with their values their whole reality becomes limited and disempowering.

How can you create the life you truly desire without first knowing your values? The answer is simple, you can’t. This is because without making the decision to clearly align with what’s important to you, your unconscious is constantly receiving mixed messages. Resulting in manifesting more of what you don’t want and your situation becomes fixed and mundane. 

The answer? Identify your values and live by them.

How to use your intuition to tell if you are aligning with your values?

Simple, feel it in your body. 

Your body will give you the answer loud and clear. If something is out of alignment you may feel a heaviness in your gut or experience increased heart rate. Whereas if something is aligned with your values, you will feel an inner sense of knowing, a joy and lightness.

When it comes to aligning with your values, ask your body – it never lies.

Making Daily Choices

To create the life you truly desire, a life aligned with magic, intuition and creativity you need to make daily choices that bring you joy. Your choices come from your values, once you know your values it is easier to make aligned and empowering choices for yourself.

You might be thinking on a large-scale or in a materialistic sense. But this has nothing to do with it. Your choices must come from your heart, they must align with what truly matters to you (your values). As humans, if we are truly honest with ourselves, the majority of the things that bring us true joy are the simplest things in life – love, connection, belonging and purpose.

The secret is, everything else naturally flourishes from there.

But first you must make heart centre choices every single day. It’s the small steps that create big impacts. 

As an example, my daily choices always align with simplicity and joy (two of my core values). Everyday I choose to start with a morning routine – yoga, meditation and journaling which helps me ground into a heart centred space to approach the rest of my day. This is the ground work, I’m making choices as soon as I wake up to align with joy and purpose.

Then I check in with my intuition regularly throughout the day to see if the choices I’m making are still in alignment. I trust and act on what resonates with me, letting go of what doesn’t serve me. – It’s quite simple.

The more you start making choices from an intuitive heart centred space, the more your world naturally expands with abundance, opportunities, creativity and synchronicity which align with your souls true resonance.

Photo by Edu Lauton on Unsplash

Accepting your Shadows

This may sound like a strange point when it comes to intuition and creativity, but aligning with this way of life means bringing yourself back to a state of wholeness. A state of acceptance, the good, the bad and the ugly! When you truly accept yourself in all your shapes and forms, you embody forgiveness which opens your heart to existing in an expanded state of joy and wonder.

Many fear the term ‘shadow work’, but let’s break it down into a simple context. Our shadows, just as our gifts are a natural part of being human. They are an unconscious aspect of the personality, the parts of ourselves that we often cannot perceive. They are not bad, they are just a form of energy that we need to integrate as part of coming back to wholeness.

When you give yourself the opportunity to integrate your shadow elements, they stop lurking around underneath the surface, draining your life force energy that you could be using to create the life you desire.

All shadow aspects served a purpose during a period of your life. Maybe you didn’t receive the love you needed as a child so you developed a protection behaviour that kept you safe during that time of your life. It was a survival aspect, but as you get older you need to shed and integrate the parts of yourself that no longer serve you.

As you begin to face these aspects of yourself, bringing them to the surface to heal and integrate. You move into a more expanded state of consciousness, your life literally becomes lighter. The things you used to stress about and focus your energy on, no longer drain you.

This allows you to move from the space of victim to the space of creator. This is where the power lies. When you let go of the old stories, forgive yourself and others for the past and start living in the present, you naturally align with the magic of life.

You realise that everything is just a story, and you have the power to choose which story you want to live in. Will it be fear and limitations? Or creativity, joy and abundance?

Shadow work is an ongoing process, but when working in the depths of your shadows I recommend seeking professional support and energy healing. 

Expand Your Horizons

How often do you step out of your usual habits and do something spontaneous or adventurous?

When was the last time you did something that truly made you feel alive?

This might be something big like going bungee jumping, or in the more simple context which is just as effective such as following the trail of your intuition daily. For example, I often set aside random days for intuitive adventures. Sometimes they are as simple as going for a walk and following the trail of hunches – “go into that shop and buy yourself flowers” or “take a left turn here, there is someone you need to meet.’’

I’m always astounded by the synchronicity that unfolds through this process. I’ll run into a friend who was just thinking of me, or I’ll be presented with an exciting new opportunity. I often feel like a traveller in my hometown. The streets I so often walk become filled with wonder and possibility at each new turn. I find a funky new hang out spot, or make friends with the local busker who turns out to share mutual friends.

This simple activity brings me immense joy and I cannot recommend it enough to make this a regular adventure. Think of it this way, what have you got to lose if you just listen to and act on your intuition? Anytime you don’t act on your instincts, you might miss out on a life changing opportunity.

This is the point where true spontaneity creates magic in your everyday life.

Photo by Angelos Michalopoulos on Unsplash

View the World Through Creative Eyes

Creativity is; the tendency to generate or recognize ideas, alternatives, or possibilities that may be useful in solving problems, communicating with others, and entertaining ourselves and others. In order to be creative, you need to be able to view things in new ways or from a different perspective. Among other things, you need to be able to generate new possibilities or new alternatives.

Let this sink in for a moment.

Creativity is sparked through the ability to view things in a new way and give rise to new possibilities. My work is all about smashing the container around how we have distorted our view of creativity in Western culture.

I grew up with creative parents and embodied creativity as a child. But as I got older that spark of magic and creativity began to fade. I developed a belief that only certain ‘gifted’ people were creative and that I was not one of them. I can tell you this is 100% false, not just for me but for all of humanity. Each and every one of us holds potent creative potential within, but for many it’s deeply repressed.

Creativity can be found in everything, from connecting with the leaves on a tree, to embodying dance, to cooking a meal or stirring a cup of coffee. Creativity is in everything! All it comes down to is choosing a new perspective, a different way of seeing things.

Next time you go for a walk in nature, don’t just look at a tree as any old tree. Notice how each tree is a masterpiece. Each and every tree is unique, it’s mother nature’s creation, just like you and I. 

A profound experience occurred to me recently whilst I was doing my self-love practice using mirror work. As I stared into the eyes of my reflection, I truly saw my eyes for the first time. I observed them closely, noticing every detail of this extraordinary creation. The colours, the shapes and textures, I saw a whole world inside my eye. It cracked open a deeper level of awareness about myself and the world of creation.

These are the simple, yet profound gifts we receive when we start to view the world through creative eyes. Anything becomes possible and our hearts are met with the source of life – creation.

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