The Healing Power of Telling Your Story – A Journey into my Story

Over the past week I have taken some huge leaps, which required a lot of courage to put myself out there and be seen in the world. I have to admit, this is my greatest fear, to be seen, and be vulnerable in the world. I’m terrified of getting hurt or rejected – this is […]

4 Practical Steps for Clearing Negative Energy

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.” Albert Einstein Picture this, you’re having a great morning, feeling confident and happy in yourself and […]

Learn how to communicate with your inner world

Pain and discomfort are unavoidable, it’s just part of the human condition. In our society, we are obsessed with always feeling good. We expect to feel happy all the time and if we don’t, we believe that something is wrong with us. Most of us have no idea how to communicate with our inner world, […]

20 powerful self-love mantras to boost your confidence

“Self-love mantras are there to remind us that first you must learn to love yourself. Then you will begin to love the world.” After coming out of a long-term relationship I began to recognise that my self-love was at an all time low. I was focusing so much of my energy on beating myself up […]

When you challenge your story, you reclaim your life

Are you conscious of the stories you believe about yourself? Have you ever thought to challenge your story? Perhaps, question where the beliefs you hold about yourself come from. Our lives are made up of an abundance of stories and beliefs that shape our reality. The stories we believe about ourselves can either be empowering […]

Life is your greatest teacher: how to identify life lessons

Have you ever heard the expression “Life is your greatest teacher?” We often feel like we need to search for answers to life’s problems through self-help books, or by spending hours trawling the internet for advice and guidance. However, many of the answers we are seeking are presented to us in different forms throughout our […]

Uncover the Truth, Other People are Mirrors of Ourselves

Take a moment to pause and reflect on this statement… Other people are mirrors of ourselves. “We can only see things in others that we see within ourselves”. What comes up for you when you read this? Do you find it confronting or challenging? Do you find yourself wanting to resist it? Or maybe it […]

How to rediscover and trust your intuition

Why is it so important to trust your intuition? And why have so many of us forgotten how to follow our natural instinctual calling? Your intuition acts as a guide. Helping you make decisions from a place of instinctual knowing, without conscious reasoning. When you make instinctual choices, you feel a deep sense of knowing, […]

Unlock the true power of healing through connection

Having a sense of connection and belonging with others is a fundamental human need. Did you know that social connection improves both mental and physical health? Human beings are wired to seek fulfillment through a sense of belonging and connection. When we feel connected, we discover the true power of healing it brings to our […]

5 Misconceptions about highly sensitive people

Do you suspect you might be a highly sensitive person? Or perhaps you know someone who is? A friend or a loved one. Maybe you feel like your sensitivity is a burden, and have been asking yourself “Why me?” Because you just don’t understand it or know how to embrace it. According to Dr. Elaine […]