“Our lives are made up of an abundance of stories and experiences that shape who we are. Each and every one of us is influenced by the stories we believe about ourselves. And this in turn, weaves the path for our life journey.”

Are you conscious of the stories that influence you life every single day?
Have you ever tuned in and listen to the thoughts and beliefs you have about yourself?

Take the time to pause for a moment, and reflect on these three question:

  1. Are the stories you believe about yourself holding you back in life?
  2. Do they keep you feeling ‘stuck’ or living in fear?
  3. Are you constantly trying to please others and fit in with their needs?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, don’t be hard on yourself.

The truth is, you hold the power within you to transform your life… Maybe you just need a little help. And that’s why I created Story Bones, to support you on your unique journey.

You have the ability to overcome self limiting beliefs, make your dreams a reality, and rebuild your story, from the bones up.

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Let me introduce myself…

Hi! I’m Erin, I am a writer, Reiki master, a lover of nature and animals and I enjoy yoga, meditation, tea, hiking, reading and travel. I am also forever dedicated to learning, seeking and exploring what this crazy, unpredictable and beautifully messy life is all about… Like many of us, we just can’t help ourselves! It’s in our bones, to question, to ask, to seek.

Throughout my life I have suffered anxiety disorders and depression, I spent much of my teens and twenties paralyzed by fear, existing in a space of pain and mental turmoil. But somehow, deep down, I refused to let go of the belief that there was more to life, that I could somehow recreate my story and live the life I had always dreamed of.

After so many years of suffering and feeling ‘stuck’, I began to identify the power of the stories we believe about ourselves. These stories shape our reality and sadly, often hold us back from living our true purpose. 

When I began challenging these stories and beliefs, my life started to transform in amazing ways.

And I’m here to tell you – If I can do it, you can too!

I truly believe it’s our birth right to be aligned with our passion and purpose… And I’m here to help.

The journey of transformation comes in many different shapes and forms, everyone’s journey is truly unique. By joining the Story Bones community, you will learn a variety of self-help tools, tips and practices. Naturally you will begin to challenge old stories and behaviors, allowing your life to come into alignment with your true purpose. You will gain insights into the following:

You no longer need to allow old stories to hold you back, you have the power to recreate yourself. Just imagine the possibilities?

One by one you begin to dismantled the ‘old bones,’ separating yourself from what is true to you, and what is not. You will no longer be tied down by a collection of self-limiting stories. You will gain a sense of freedom that reflect your true essence.

“Today the one inside you is collecting bones,
what is she re-making?
She is the soul self, the builder of the soul-home.
She makes and remakes the soul by hand,
what is she making for you?”

~Clarissa Pinkola Estes

My purpose and passion is to empower others on their healing journey. I share my truth through my writing, and I truly believe in what I write because it is my own lived experience, it is my raw essence; vulnerabilities, pain, joy and the beautiful, chaotic, messiness of life.

Thank you for visiting Story Bones. If my work resonates with you I invite you to connect with me and share your stories; via our social media community or email. Click here to get my FREE guide – Master your Story, Transform your Life. And subscribe to receive weekly inspirational goodies.

I welcome you on this beautiful healing journey with me.

Erin x